Belly Dancers Eat Cupcakes, and 7 More Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Us

  After my first belly dance class with one of Atlanta’s premier professional belly dancers, a surprising thing happened: she ate a cupcake. One of my classmates had brought snacks to the three-hour workshop and set them up on the cafe tables in the back of our rehearsal room for all to … [Continue reading]

Panic Strikes the Department of Agriculture

Yesterday, I had to contact the Georgia Department of Agriculture to find answers to questions like: How does one go about getting a homemade food product inspected so it meets the safety requirements for public sale and consumption? Is it OK to use a catering kitchen to make our product, or … [Continue reading]

My Breastfeeding Rant

This morning I woke up early so I could take my daughter to before-school chorus rehearsal. It wouldn’t have been so bad getting up an hour earlier … [Continue reading]

How My Mother Became a Criminal

It’s official. The police have finally caught up with her. My mother was caught red-handed doing something that the Gwinnett County Police Department … [Continue reading]

Daily Dog Photos: Friedrich Finds a Puddle

After four days of rain, our backyard becomes equipped with two large mud puddles deep enough for a dog lie in. Feeling a bit overheated after his … [Continue reading]

A Week in My (High-Maintenance) Life or What It’s Like to Be Me

Although at some point in your life you have probably wondered what it’s like to be someone else – like a celebrity (but not Bruce Jenner), a famous … [Continue reading]

Dogs or Kids: Is it Possible to Love Your Dogs Too Much?

I think I may have a small problem. And, by that I mean, maybe I need a support group. Today I realized that I am a bit obsessed with my dogs. I don’t … [Continue reading]

The Elf is Out of the Closet

Antonia read my blog. The Elf on the Shelf is out of the closet. I was out walking the dogs and when I returned, there was my almost-nine-year-old … [Continue reading]

Elves in the Off-Season…What Happens After Christmas

December 18th – 24th: After the elf ate dog biscuits, she made a snow angel in flour; became crunchy after I washed the flour off her … [Continue reading]

The Elf on the Shelf Chronicles: Diary of a Victimized Parent, Almost Over

12:38 am, December 12th: As part of their Christmas present, we took Antonia and Emma to see The Black Keys at Philips Arena. It was a pretty big … [Continue reading]