Belly Dancers Eat Cupcakes, and 7 More Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Us

One of my belly dance performances at Nicola's Lebanese Restaurant, Atlanta.

  After my first belly dance class with one of Atlanta’s premier professional belly dancers, a surprising thing happened: she ate a cupcake. One of my classmates had brought snacks to the three-hour workshop and set them up on the cafe tables in the back of our rehearsal room for all to … [Continue reading]

Panic Strikes the Department of Agriculture

Our homemade Socci Sauce, a family tradition.

Yesterday, I had to contact the Georgia Department of Agriculture to find answers to questions like: How does one go about getting a homemade food product inspected so it meets the safety requirements for public sale and consumption? Is it OK to use a catering kitchen to make our product, or … [Continue reading]

My Breastfeeding Rant

This morning I woke up early so I could take my daughter to before-school chorus rehearsal. It wouldn’t have been so bad getting up an hour earlier … [Continue reading]

How My Mother Became a Criminal

My mom's usual, laid-back dog-watching approach.

It’s official. The police have finally caught up with her. My mother was caught red-handed doing something that the Gwinnett County Police Department … [Continue reading]

Daily Dog Photos: Friedrich Finds a Puddle

Aw, come on! LET. ME. IN.

After four days of rain, our backyard becomes equipped with two large mud puddles deep enough for a dog lie in. Feeling a bit overheated after his … [Continue reading]

A Week in My (High-Maintenance) Life or What It’s Like to Be Me

Antonia, Maya and Friedrich coping with their high-maintenance lives.

Although at some point in your life you have probably wondered what it’s like to be someone else – like a celebrity (but not Bruce Jenner), a famous … [Continue reading]

Dogs or Kids: Is it Possible to Love Your Dogs Too Much?

Antonia loves the dogs, too.

I think I may have a small problem. And, by that I mean, maybe I need a support group. Today I realized that I am a bit obsessed with my dogs. I don’t … [Continue reading]

The Elf is Out of the Closet

Still believing in the magic!

Antonia read my blog. The Elf on the Shelf is out of the closet. I was out walking the dogs and when I returned, there was my almost-nine-year-old … [Continue reading]

Elves in the Off-Season…What Happens After Christmas


December 18th – 24th: After the elf ate dog biscuits, she made a snow angel in flour; became crunchy after I washed the flour off her … [Continue reading]

The Elf on the Shelf Chronicles: Diary of a Victimized Parent, Almost Over

Antonia and Emma at The Black Keys!

12:38 am, December 12th: As part of their Christmas present, we took Antonia and Emma to see The Black Keys at Philips Arena. It was a pretty big … [Continue reading]