Dogs or Kids: Is it Possible to Love Your Dogs Too Much?

Dogs or Kids: Is it Possible to Love Your Dogs Too Much?

Antonia loves the dogs, too.
Antonia loves the dogs, too.

I think I may have a small problem. And, by that I mean, maybe I need a support group. Today I realized that I am a bit obsessed with my dogs. I don’t mean in the carry-them-around-in-my-designer-purse-and-dress-them-up-in-stupid-outfits a la Paris Hilton or Jessica Simpson kind of obsessed, but rather in the I-can’t-stop-taking-pictures-of-them-because-they-are-so-adorable sort of obsessed. Is that bad? I can’t help wondering if I am alone in my infatuation, or if this is natural. If I continue down this compulsive path, am I headed for the canine equivalent of becoming the crazy cat lady?

After much contemplation over a ham and cheese sandwich on my deck, while both dogs sat at my feet, sniffing my plate and drooling, I decided that instead of seeking a support group for my compulsion to take pictures of my dogs several times a day, I would write about it. Perhaps I can even create a series of special posts on my website called, “Daily Dog Photos.”

Are there actually people out there who would visit my blog each day to see what my dogs are doing next? Mostly they just sleep, so I can’t imagine it would be that exciting, but, obviously I find it that exciting or I wouldn’t be taking pictures of them every day, would I?

Every so often (let’s say, once a month in a modest estimate) my daughter casually asks, “Mom? Do you love the dogs more than you love me?” To which I reply, “Hmm…let me think about that for a minute. Um…NO, honey! Of course not!”

“MOM!” Antonia will say with exasperation.

“Well, if you really think about it, you’ve all peed, pooped, and puked on my floors at some point in your lives…”


“…although, you have never ripped a hole in the screens trying to get back inside the house. But, the dogs are always so excited to see me each morning when I get up, or when I come home from somewhere. They can’t wait to greet me with their tails wagging, making happy snorting sounds. You, on the other hand, sometimes stand next to my bed, poke me with one finger and say things like, ‘Mom! Get up. What are we doing today?’ or ‘I’m hungry! Make me breakfast!’ or ‘Why can’t you take me to the pool right now? Why can’t I have a friend come over? Can I watch TV?’ so…it’s a tough call, Antonia. I’m not gonna lie to you.”

At this point she usually rolls her eyes, or looks like she is about to cry, depending on her mood at that moment, so I hug her and assure her that I absolutely love her more than I love the dogs, what kind of mother do you think I am? Afterwards, so as not to hurt the dogs’ feelings, I whisper into their ears, “Don’t worry. You’re still my favorites. I just had to tell her that so she wouldn’t cry.” To which the dogs smile, lick my face, and wag their tails empathetically.

See the mutual adoration, here?
See the mutual adoration, here?

So, here it is, my first “Daily Dog Photos” because after all, some of the most successful people in the world have turned their weird obsessions into profitable forms of income and that’s not crazy cat lady material at all.

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  • n1sailor

    One of my favorite early photos is the one with you and Tinker. Maybe we shared the same feelings. (No, really, YOU were my favorite way back then and you still are my favorite daughter.)

    • karlasocci

      Aww, thanks, Dad! That’s one of my favorite pictures, too. I’ll have to scan it in and post it as one of my Daily Dog Photos 🙂